Take a Stand!

I’m so tired of feeling impotent when it comes to my government. So here’s one tiny way I’ve come up with to try and let myself be heard. Please feel free to copy and paste, forward, do whatever you like with this. Also, the icon is totally for taking. No credit needed.

Wednesday, March 19, is the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I won’t get into anything else about that, as we all have differing opinions. But one thing most people agree on, with the benefit of hindsight, is that the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq were a mistake.

It frustrates me that we, the average citizens, the people to whom t his country theoretically belongs, have so little say in this military action. So my challenge to us all is to make a statement on Wednesday, March 19, by flying a U.S. flag upside down.

Yes, that is an international distress signal. But if ever there has been a country in distress, whose leaders are not listening to our voices, it’s us. So here’s our chance.

Hang your flag upside down that day. Wednesday, March 19 as a symbol of the distress in our nation.

Pass this challenge on to everyone you know. Media outlets would be an excellent place. Let’s make this a grassroots thing. Use bcc when sending this onward, if you choose. We have a week, and on the internet a week is forever. Spread spread spread.

And on March 19, we the people, will have a say.

I challenge you.

Tend the fire. Pass it on.

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