Saturday Saves 7/9/11

These are things that have made me happy or thoughtful or sad or… something. Today.

First, what a great idea! I plan to be cremated, since the planet needs neither my body moldering in a casket or releasing a bunch of needless petrochemicals into the ground. So why not just let death give birth to a tree!

Here’s two minutes of nothing but gorgeous. This is a video link, so click with caution if you have a slow connection.

Scroll to the bottom one. Yeah. That’s all I’m sayin’. ;D

And from the person who rarely finds a horse story she doesn’t like, a good one….

If I had the foggiest idea how to do shirring, I might try making one of these. Sadly, my sewing expertise = not so great.  I bet I could do it with elastic, though, now that I think about it.

Beautiful photo! I always wonder how in the world the photographer manages something like this.

For those into genealogy, a handy list of state-specific info links.

And that’s enough surfing for today. More next time!

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