Author August: Rog Phillips

Okay, this is just plain embarrassing. I call myself a long-time science fiction and fantasy reader, but I’ve never even heard of this guy. At least I’d heard of Vernor Vinge.

According to Wikipedia, he wrote mostly short fiction, mostly in the ’40s and ’50s. Color me educated.

One of these days there’ll be an author I can have an opinion about. So say we all. ;D



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2 responses to “Author August: Rog Phillips

  1. I’ll admit that Rog Phillips isn’t exactly a “big name”, we went for a fairly eclectic and eccentric mix this year, but it’s interesting to find out about some of the people from decades gone by. But C.J. Cherryh is coming up now, and there are some other major sf authors due before the month ends!

  2. Rain

    I’m more chagrinned than irritated. My lack of knowledge of old-style SF is humbling. But I see some authors on the way who are favorites, so I’m all good. 😀

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