Being Quiet

The days I remind myself to shut up

seem to expand.

A brave new world of vast global communication

and still I hear this message inside and out to be quiet,

Stop talking

You’re blathering

Nobody cares what you’re interested in.

The voices come mostly from inside, I suspect.

Echoes of my father’s “I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

Echoes of my mother’s “You don’t have to tell me about every single thing.”

But then how and where does this lonely country only child share?

Not in school. “Stop talking.”

Not with friends. “Nobody’s interested in that stuff.”

Not a church. “You ask too many questions.”


Ultimately it come to this: a pen, a notebook,

a keyboard, a file,

a blog spiraling its way into the vast emptinesses of hope

to friends I’ve never met

people I’ll never know

other voices needing to be heard.

All of us crying into the darkness in a desperate attempt

not to shut up.


– By Judy Wall Crump, 2012

Please don’t reproduce without credit. Thanks.



Filed under fiction, personal

6 responses to “Being Quiet

  1. Trisha Kirkpatrick Cummings

    I relate to so many things your write….

  2. ~N

    At least one person is interested in “that stuff” ….

  3. Thanks for that. It makes me think of my son, who I fear hears that all too often. He’s 10 and interested in everything (even books and writing – yay!), which I need to be encouraging.

    Love that.

    • Rain

      Just keep listening to him, Keetha. I’m convinced that makes all the difference.
      Good to hear from you. I keep meaning to get your books and then getting distracted by something shiny. LOL Maybe I’m getting ADD in my old(er) age.

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