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Welcome to my new hideout

Mixed Message

Okay, not really a hideout. But I’ve been posting things pretty trustingly over at LJ for several years now, and while I don’t give a damn what anybody does with or about my posts, I’ve finally started getting a little nervous about my fiction.

My “friends list” has gotten unnervingly large, and the vast majority of the names on it I don’t even recognize. That’s… scary.

I’m not leaving LJ, and I may continue to post fiction there – short term. But I won’t be leaving any up in the long term. I’ve also started moving my old, existing, fiction to this space, along with fiction I’ve not posted anywhere before. All my old LJ-posted fiction will eventually vanish from there.

This site is not a VigOrli nor an LoTR fanfic site. It will hold some VigOrli fic and some Lord of the Rings fic, but it will also contain original fiction of all kinds. I hope you’ll enjoy some of it (and feel free to let me know your opinions, for good or bad).

Come on in. Take a chance on something different. And if you want to recommend this site to someone… maybe ask first, okay? I don’t like being paranoid, but right now I am.

Hope to see all or at least most of you here, though. And you are very very welcome here.



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