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Clean blank perfect sheets of paper

Bright colorful patterned paper

I am surrounded by paper

Awash in paper

The feel of it, the smell of it, the crisp snap of it

The exuberant glide of ink across the snowy plain of it.

Such an abundance of delight it is to have paper

Paper enough to write on

To doodle

To rip

To crush and toss and taunt the cats.

When I was a child, it was not common to have paper at home.

I fell in love with paper at school.

So much paper, always available,

To write on, draw on, toss away.

The unexpected riches of paper.

Now I surround myself with paper

And never take it for granted.

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Being Quiet

The days I remind myself to shut up

seem to expand.

A brave new world of vast global communication

and still I hear this message inside and out to be quiet,

Stop talking

You’re blathering

Nobody cares what you’re interested in.

The voices come mostly from inside, I suspect.

Echoes of my father’s “I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

Echoes of my mother’s “You don’t have to tell me about every single thing.”

But then how and where does this lonely country only child share?

Not in school. “Stop talking.”

Not with friends. “Nobody’s interested in that stuff.”

Not a church. “You ask too many questions.”


Ultimately it come to this: a pen, a notebook,

a keyboard, a file,

a blog spiraling its way into the vast emptinesses of hope

to friends I’ve never met

people I’ll never know

other voices needing to be heard.

All of us crying into the darkness in a desperate attempt

not to shut up.


– By Judy Wall Crump, 2012

Please don’t reproduce without credit. Thanks.



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